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InshAllah, AIOK will have Iftaars, Taraweeh, Qiyaam, Lectures, and so much more this year!​

Contact us at for more information.

We make dua that Allah forgives all of us and all of our shortcomings in this month. We pray that Allah keeps us all in good health so that we can worship him to the best of our abilities. We pray to Allah for his forgiveness and for his blessings. Ameen.

Please consider donating to help run AIOK. All your donations will go towards the Masjid InshAllah. Jazzakallahu Khair!

Ramadan Calendar

Calendar - 2024.jpeg

100 @ $30 Monthly

AIOK needs your support to continue running our vibrant, diverse and supportive Islamic center. Be one of the chosen individuals this Ramadan to donate a dollar a day to help AIOK keep running.

Be a part of the many individuals to receive immense rewards for supporting a Masjid and supporting your community.


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Automate Your Donations

Don't miss out on donations! We know that the last ten nights of Ramadan are extremely hectic.

We have a solution! Automate your donations so you never miss out on the blessings of donating in the last ten nights of Ramadan!


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